Back to Work, Back to School — Back to Cold and Flu Season?

If heading back to the grind after the holiday season has you feeling stressed or run down, now is the time to consider stocking up on wellness products to keep you going strong until spring comes. Keep these favourites in your desk at work!

In The Diffuser

Sickness in the air? When everyone around you is coughing and you’d rather not share what they’re having, Thick as Thieves synergy blend is your friend! This Apothecary interpretation of the mythical Thieves oil blend includes the traditional essential oils of clove bud, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary, to which we have added ravintsara, a wide-spectrum anti-viral, and thyme, an effective fungicide and parasiticide. Diffuse this throughout the day to help your immune system keep its guards up.

If you’ve already succumbed and you’re now congested, Breathe Easy is the blend you’ll want. Whether it’s in the diffuser

or directly in an essential oil inhaler, this blend addresses the symptoms caused by respiratory infections using a variety of essential oils:

  • pine and frankincense to deepen and regulate breathing;
  • helichrysum and lavender to decrease the inflammatory response and help sinus tissue to heal;
  • potent eucalyptus globulus and niaouli to clear the head, open the sinuses and relieve stuffiness;
  • marjoram to combat respiratory infections;
  • and just a touch of peppermint for that comforting yet invigorating menthol effect that is so helpful when we’re stuffed up!

All Better synergy blend is similar and especially great if you are working with children. We have kept the balancing, anti-inflammatory benefits of lavender but dialled back the potency by using gentler forms of eucalyptus, and tea tree oil in place of its more potent cousin, niaouli. We have also included thyme to promote general health and wellness.

To cultivate warmth and wellness in the workplace throughout the coldest, darkest months of the winter, the Elemental Synergy Blend “Fire” is a wonderful choice for diffusing daily. This is not a remedy or prevention for illness, but rather a warming blend that promotes ambition and optimism, two very important qualities in the new year! Keep the winter “blahs” at bay, and let this smoky, warm, lightly spiced blend fill you with passion and enthusiasm until the sunshine returns in the spring!

The Mini Magic Mist diffuser from The Apothecary. Click the photo to buy.
The Mini Magic Mist diffuser from The Apothecary. Click the photo to buy.

Sore Muscles

Tender from shovelling snow, winter sports or heavy lifting at work? Soothe your muscles on your lunch break by applyingSoothe-Lg Soothe Muscle Balm from our zenYoga line. This deeply penetrating balm is formulated with essential oils of marjoram, rosemary, lavender and ginger – all known to help naturally restore overexerted muscles. The base of arnica-infused olive oil helps soothe the major muscle groups as you massage the balm into tender areas. We’ve added a dash of organic cayenne pepper to create heat as well as promote increased blood circulation and the release of tension, and a touch of Canadian Birch essential oil to help refresh body tissues.

Dry Skin

lotion-250-sc-webOne of the most insidious side effects of winter is the dry skin that comes with it! Many of us wash our hands more while at work, and working with paper or cardboard can also be rough on the hands. We end up with dry, cracked, irritated hands — and it hurts! Keep a small bottle of lotion in any of our signature scents in your desk to keep hands hydrated, and when cracks, paper cuts or hangnails hit, a small tin of Ouch! Balm kept on hand will ensure that these injuries don’t last long.

For hands that are already chapped, cracked or rough due to excessive dryness, intensive therapy with our Green Thumb Gardeners Salve is perfect. This one is also great for eczema and psoriasis.

Shared Spaces

If you’re sharing a keyboard, phone or any other surface space at your office, you will definitely want a spray bottle of Squeaky Clean Surface Spray at hand to clean surfaces as needed. Essential oils of lemon, grapefruit, tea tree, thyme, cedarwood and peppermint make this blend fresh and uplifting, and are perfect for cleaning shared surfaces.


Posted by on 1/10/2017