Cargill C6 Coconut/Soy Container Wax (CLEARANCE)

This Cargill C-6 is a premium, plant-based Soy and Coconut wax blend ideal for luxurious container candles and tealights. A sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to Paraffin, this unique fusion of Soy and Coconut will set your candle brand a step above the competition. The blend is specially designed for superior glass adhesion, smooth textures, color enhancement, and superior resistance to visible frosting or fat blooms. It is available in the form of off-white, easy to use slabs.

A 60lb box contains 4 x 15lb slabs. For more info on this wax, see this data sheet.

This wax was purchased as a one-off and when it is gone, we will not be restocking.

Availability: Out of Stock

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