Get to Know Our Holiday Scents!

     Our sense of smell is so intricately entwined with tradition, memories and emotion. There is no time of year that this is more apparent than the holiday season, when the aromas of cooking and baking, the smell of an evergreen forest, and the warming scent of holiday spice blends help us to feel warm, cozy and particularly sentimental.

     We offer three signature holiday-scented room mists to help boost your feelings of holiday cheer. 

Sparkling lights or candles + Christmas carols + the perfect scent = instant holiday spirit!

     Choose from the following holiday scent blends in convenient room mists…


     Formerly called Holiday Spice, we have revamped this seasonal favourite with less nutmeg and added cardamom and mandarin to create a warmer, more balanced blend. 

      We have named this blend “Yuletide” to reference the period around Christmas and New Years, when the days are shortest here in the Northern Hemisphere and the sun seems to stand still (in that the days do not start to lengthen again until the beginning of January). During this time of darkness, the bright scent of oranges (thanks to the inclusion of oils of both sweet orange and mandarin), the comforting scent of lavender and the warming aromas of cardamom, clove bud and nutmeg are a welcome reminder to enjoy the blessings of the season.

Into the Woods

     There is nothing quite so fresh and invigorating as the scent of an evergreen forest, and aside from real evergreen boughs, essential oils are the safest, most pleasant way to bring this scent experience into your home. We have expertly blended a variety of tree oils to create a fresh, balanced woodsy synergy. Frankincense, cedarwood, juniper, Siberian fir, benzoin, sandalwood and oak moss all star in Into the Woods, and will leave you feeling refreshed, festive and ready to wrap those gifts!

Candy Cane

     A delightfully innocent and fun blend, Candy Cane will have you feeling like a kid on Christmas Eve! We’ve blended spearmint, peppermint and cinnamon leaf with sweet orange and vanilla absolute to create a sweet, minty synergy with crisp, citrus top notes. These oils are known to be stimulating and energizing, which is perfect at this time of year when we can often feel tired and draggy. The oil blend is perfect for making body scrubs and hand and foot treatments, and any application geared toward purification, as the essential oils are known to be detoxing. 

     We recommend the room spray for a mid-afternoon wake-up in the office! 

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Posted by on 11/24/2016