Mineral Soak / Bath Salts Scented Bulk

A hot bath is a true pleasure. Many cultures have long revered the bath as a wholly purifying spiritual retreat. For them, bathing is not intended just for personal hygiene; it is also meant to be a way to relax and decompress after the stresses of the day. We couldn't agree more! Our mineral bath is a slumber inducing blend that begins with mineral-rich Himalayan and refined sea salts. You'll be left with soft skin and a yearning for your pillow.

Product Info
  • Sizes Available: 5.4 kg (1 gallon) square HDPE jug with handle & 25 kg Refill Pail
  • MSRP: $29 per Kg (scented), $22 per kg (unscented)

Banish partners, kids and pets. While filling your tub, slowly pour one teaspoon of foam under the water stream. Swirl your hand to agitate the water even further. Light a candle, breathe in the dreamy aromas and relax.


Sodium chloride (Himalayan Pink Salt), Magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), Sodium chloride (Refined Sea Salt)

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Part Number: 1040-BULK-2

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