Packaging Supply Issues: What to Expect

Packaging Supply Issues: What to Expect
If you’re making products that require amber Boston bottles, sprayer or mister tops, or pump lids, you may have noticed that certain packaging options aren’t available on our site right now. Here we discuss why this is.
Posted by Lindsay on 4/24/2020 to News

100 Ways to Make Your March Magical

As we head into a March that threatens to rival even the worst Marches of the past, and we have hit that point in the winter when we question: "Will it ever end?," we wanted to give you the chance to plan your own Magical March. Maybe that means choosing a few ideas from the list to schedule with friends or at work; maybe it means printing this list and using it for ideas throughout the month when you feel down; or maybe it will just get you thinking about how you can make these last few weeks of Neverending Winter not just bearable, but truly fun. Enjoy!
Posted by Lindsay on 2/27/2019 to News