Spotlight On: Aloe Vera

Commonly found in soaps, creams, lotions and cosmetics, and also popular in its raw form straight from the plant, aloe vera is so well loved for a reason! A fantastic moisturizer, aloe vera has been found to hydrate through three epidermal layers of skin when applied topically. It contains vitamin B complex, folic acid, vitamin C and carotene, and facilitates delivery of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, promoting healthy skin.

Benefits of aloe vera include skin hydration, improvement in the appearance of damaged skin, and of course cooling and soothing the skin after exposure to the sun. In fact, aloe vera was first approved as an over-the-counter treatment for burns in 1959. Much of this is thanks to its antioxidant content. (Source: National Centre for Biotechnology Information)

Fantastic used on its own, aloe vera is also a useful addition to handmade skincare products. We have included it in our Aloe & Soapberry Foaming Cleanser, After Sunny Aloe Mist, Bottoms Up! Bum Spray, Sittin’ Pretty Perineal Spray and Take a Hike Outdoor Joose.

Posted by Lindsay on 1/9/2018