Spotlight On: Cucumber Extract

Ah, cucumbers, the traditional staple of the “home spa day.” It’s no accident that when we think of pampering, we often picture someone lounging in a fluffy white robe with cucumber slices on their eyes. Cucumbers are astringent but also hydrating and anti-inflammatory.

Cucumbers contain polysaccharides, also found in aloe vera, which provide the vegetable’s hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. They are also cooling and astringent, and perfect for calming sensitive skin.

Cucumber extract offers all of these benefits, making it a wonderful addition to our Sittin’ Pretty Perineal Spray. Cucumber extract comes to us as a dark brown powder, which never fully dissolves in liquid but does disperse throughout. Sometimes it may form small clumps which should break apart when the spray is shaken. If you see one of these clumps in your Sittin’ Pretty Perineal Spray, don’t be concerned — just rest assured that the cucumber extract is in there, working its magic.

Posted by Lindsay on 11/1/2018