Spotlight On: Jasmine

The virtues of jasmine can’t be overstated here at All Things Jill, where it’s a favourite for most of us. It’s a beautiful, uplifting, almost sacred scent that has a strong effect on our emotions and can lift us out of a serious slump.

Known as one of the finest essential oils anyone can own, its scent is sweet, smooth and floral with just a hint of green “bitterness.” It has heavy emotional LabSupport smbenefits for women especially, regardless of their stage of life or their cycle. 

If you’re thinking of diffusing jasmine, consider using it in a blend or using it sparingly, as it is a very expensive oil in its pure form. Many jasmine essential oil products are diluted with a carrier oil to make them more affordable, which also makes them unsuitable for use in a diffuser as the carrier oil may clog it. These diluted oils are, however, great for aromatherapy and making perfumes and other products.

Jasmine adds uterine toning and strengthening properties to massage oils, also helping to relieve cramps before, during and after labour. It acts as a pain reliever, making it great for massage wherever some relief is needed after giving birth. It’s a great aide for muscle aches and pains, sprains and painful periods! Conveniently, it also helps with stretch marks.


For these reasons, we have included jasmine in our Happy Mumma Synergy Blend as well as the Happy Mumma Massage Oil. The synergy blend is perfect to diffuse during pregnancy when calm and focus are needed, and even better post-partum, when it has powerful emotional balancing effects, helping to reduce anxiety and depression, boost confidence and ease emotional suffering. 

But no matter what stage of life you are experiencing, jasmine is a powerful tool to calm fear, anger, paranoia and sadness. If you’re feeling a negative emotion, jasmine is almost always the right choice to sniff.

Jasmine is also a deeply romantic and soulful scent, serving to open the heart and mind and keep you in the present. If you wish to enhance your intuition, creativity and spirituality, jasmine is a great companion!

Posted by on 2/2/2016