Spotlight On: Lavender

Lavender field

This week, let’s take a closer look at another of the classic herbs, lavender. The first written record of the medicinal use of lavender is said to be from 77 AD, when a Greek physician wrote that lavender could be used internally and externally for a variety of benefits.

Lavender was used by the ancient Egyptians in cosmetics and for embalming purposes, and the ancient Romans for its healing and antiseptic qualities, as well as for washing and for repelling insects. In the Middle Ages, lavender was thought to protect against the plague, and it was made especially fashionable during Victorian times thanks to its being a favourite of Queen Victoria.

In clinical trials, lavender essential oil has been shown to help with anxiety as well as restlessness, disturbed sleep and insomnia. It has also been shown to be effective in pain reduction and an improvement in mood. (

Lavender’s effects can be found in both the dried herb as well as the essential oil.

With wonderful sedative, anti-anxiety and analgesic properties, lavender makes a beneficial inclusion in nearly any recipe. In fact, it’s the base of almost every baby product in our Peas in a Pod line! Lavender is also of the four herbs we use to infuse the olive oil which we use as the base for our Smooth as a Baby’s Bum Balm as well as our Happy Mumma Nipple Butter and our Bottoms Up! Baby Bum Spray. We also include a scoop of lavender buds in each jar of Milky Way Herbal Oat Wash, adding a lovely calming scent to the bath experience!

Lavender essential oil has also been included in our Sensitive Skin Facial Oil so that sensitive faces can reap the benefits of this classic flower’s soothing abilities.

We’ve also included lavender in all the following: all Zen Lotus-scented products, as it’s a key ingredient in the synergy blend of essential oils; Five Minutes Peace Bath Soak; Fresh Ink Tattoo Butter, Hard Workin’ Hands Salve, Ouch Balm and Sooth Muscle Balm; Sole Delight Foot Butter and Foot Scrub; Take a Hike Outdoor Joose and After Sunny spray; Mama Mia Belly Butter; zenYoga Restore Mat Spray and Balance Room & Meditation Mist; and of course lavender bar soap. We love lavender! Can you tell?!

Posted by Lindsay on 3/12/2019