Spotlight On: Pine Essential Oil

When it comes to “woodsy” not much fits the bill more perfectly than the scent of pine. This scent has come to be associated with freshness and cleanliness, and rightfully so — pine boasts germ-fighting and disinfectant properties; was revered by Hippocrates for its healing effect on the respiratory system; and was used by Indigenous peoples of North America in bedding to deter bedbugs and lice.

Our pine essential oil is distilled from the needles, twigs and buds of the Scotch Pine and has a scent that is crisp, woody, resinous and balsamic. Research on pine oil has provided evidence of its effectiveness against respiratory tract infections, as well as evidence suggesting that it may help to combat sinus infections and colds when used in a steam inhalation.

In aromatherapy, pine is known to be a stimulant and an energizer, helpful in addressing adrenal fatigue and mild depression. It makes a great addition to room sprays, with a cleansing and brightening effect, which is just one reason that we have included it in our Into the Woods synergy blend and room spray.

Posted by Lindsay on 11/13/2018