Spotlight On: Rose Petals

It might be cliche, but with Valentines Day being the focus of the weekend, we’ve got rose petals on the brain! Sure, they look pretty… but what else are they good for? 

Milky Way Herbal Oat Wash

The sight of rose petals itself can be soothing, as they have an inherent beauty that fulfills a need for visually pleasing surroundings. Their scent is also undeniably comforting, nurturing and pleasant. But aside from that, rose petals boast both anti-inflammatory and skin toning properties. 

It is for all these reasons that we include rose petals in our Milky Way Herbal Oat Wash, a heavenly soothing bath soak for children and adults alike. This soak soothes itchy skin thanks to the oat bran that is included, but it is also soothing and relaxing thanks in part to the rose petals which, when steeped in warm water, release their anti-inflammatory properties. 

Who could argue that the inclusion of rose petals in any bath product wouldn’t help to make your bathing experience feel just that much more luxurious and infused with love? At the end of the day, we all deserve that.
Posted by on 2/16/2016