Spotlight: Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang, an intensely aromatic essential oil steam distilled from the flowers of the cananga tree, really packs a punch. It has the tendency to dominate other oils with its deep, floral and honey-like scent and on its own our staff has found it to be a “love it or hate it” kind of scent. As in, some of us here love it, and others hate it.

The truth about Ylang Ylang is that it boasts a strong list of benefits, and that while a little goes a long way, it really lends a beautiful note to the right blends.

The Ylang Ylang we use in our products starts out in Madagascar, as exotic yellow blooms on wild-growing cananga trees. The essential oil is steam distilled to create a full or complete version (as opposed to the fractionated, 24-hour distillation you may also find).

Ylang Ylang really shines when it comes to skincare, specifically for those dealing with acne, dry/oily/combination skin or skin irritations. It is known to soothe insect bites and balance sebum production, and works well as a skin and hair tonic. These skin benefits make Ylang Ylang an excellent component of our Rose & Ylang Ylang Exfoliating Mask.

Other benefits of Ylang Ylang include slowing rapid breathing, regulating palpitations, reducing frigidity & PMS, combatting impotence, and potential as a uterine tonic and breast firmer.

The energetic and mental benefits of Ylang Ylang are especially noteworthy. It is well known as an aphrodisiac but also has anti-depressant, sedative and stress-reducing properties. It is said to promote love and peace, promote sensuality and protect tender hearts. It is also known to dull sharp emotions such as fear, rage, anger, hysteria, irritability, shock and panic.

All of these benefits combined have made Ylang Ylang a crucial part of some of our most pampering and relaxing blends and products: Five Minutes Peace (synergy blend and Bath Soak), Happy Mumma (synergy blend) and Zen Lotus (synergy blend as well as our whole range of Bath & Body products).

When using Ylang Ylang essential oil in the diffuser, we suggest using just a small amount. Though this oil is considered safe, when used in higher concentrations Ylang Ylang may cause nausea or headaches.

Posted by Lindsay on 1/30/2018