Spotlight on: Bergamot

You might recognize it as the scent and flavour of Earl Grey tea, and that’s where it’s come to be widely loved. Bergamot is an uplifting citrus essential oil, known for its powerful stress busting properties. It is also known to help induce feelings of calm happiness while also dissolving feelings of anxiety and sadness. One whiff of this oil and it’s obvious that this is a cheerful and happy scent!

This is probably why many people include bergamot in their Top Ten Essential Oils. Some like to employ it when they need positive energy during a difficult situation — a great time to diffuse bergamot. 

fiveminsOur account specialist Lindsay likes to diffuse a blend of bergamot and vanilla because it smells just like her favourite drink, London Fog.

In our line of products, we have chosen bergamot for its uplifting properties to be included in our Lighten Up Synergy Blend of essential oils; our Five Minutes Peace Bath Soak and Synergy Blend; and our Bergamot and Rosewood Natural Deodorant. Two great synergy blends to unwind and uplift; and two great products to refresh and brighten.

Of course, then there is the most mysterious question of all - how do you pronounce it?! Here at All Things Jill, the camps are divided. Some say bur-guh-moe, others says bur-guh-mot. All this author can say is that according to every dictionary as well as Wikipedia, the latter is correct. Not to say which camp I’m in, of course.

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Posted by on 3/25/2015