Spotlight on: Jojoba

Why This Moisturizer Is Your Best Friend in the Summer


Jojoba — it’s the oil with the funny name that we all like to say out loud (ho-ho-bah!). But it is, in fact, not an oil, but rather liquid waxy esters (making it molecularly very similar to the esters our skin produces naturally). Science talk aside, jojoba is the perfect, non-pore clogging moisturizer to apply under sunscreen and keep your skin soft during these skin-bearing months!

One very cool characteristic of jojoba is that it actually boasts an SPF of 2-4. This means that while it should not be used as a sunscreen itself, it’s the perfect moisturizer to soften and condition skin after having a shower and before applying sunscreen.

Here are some more of jojoba’s traits that we especially love:

  • because it does’t contain triglycerides, a type of fat found in other vegetable oils that breaks down and turns rancid, it is very stable and will last for years with an indefinite shelf life;
  • contains a natural anti-inflammatory called myristic acid which is helpful for arthritis and rheumatism;
  • relieves symptoms of psoriasis;
  • conditions the scalp and hair, and relieves cradle cap;
  • great for facial massage and removing makeup.

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Because of all its wonderful properties, its shelf stability, the fact that it is non-allergenic and the wonderful way that it moisturizes and conditions the skin, we use jojoba as a main ingredient in three of our biggest sellers in our Peas in a Pod lineSmooth as a Baby’s Bum BalmDon’t Be Cheeky! Lip & Cheek Butter and Skin Tight Belly Butter. It also appears in all our Hand & Body Cremes and Massage Oils4 Roses Eye SerumTat Butter and Green Thumb Gardener’s Salve.

Men will appreciate its conditioning and softening properties in our Shave OilBeard Oil and Beard Balm.

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Posted by on 6/28/2016