Travelling With Baby

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means not only wonderful spicy scents in the air, gifts to buy and quite possibly snow on the ground — it also means travelling to spend time with family and friends. And anyone with a baby or young child knows just how complicated that can be!

We have a few cute and incredibly effective products to make the process that much simpler and more enjoyable. Check these out if you have a trip planned with baby this winter — whether it’s across the country to visit the grandparents, or a warm, tropical Combo Kit opengetaway.

Travel-Sized Essentials

The core essentials for travel are: 

Peas in a Pod Oh! Baby Body LotionSmooth as a Baby’s Bum Balm and Squeaky Clean Surface Spray are all available in sizes suitable for air travel, meaning they are even easier to take along.

An easy way to stock up on travel-sized Peas in a Pod products is to buy one of our convenient packs: Luscious Bum Diapering KitBaby + Me Peapod Gift Set or Mom-to-Be Survival Kit, depending on your specific needs. All products in these packs are the perfect size for when you’re on the go! These are also a wonderful way to make house guests with little ones feel welcome when they come to visit.

Keep Calm and Holiday On

If you’ll be bringing a travel-sized diffuser, don’t forget the oils to go with it! Synergy blends are targeted for specific situations, allowing you to bring what you need while keeping your packing simple (leave the 20 essential oil bottles at home!). Tranquil Touch blend is designed to calm and soothe babies and children — a great choice to bring along when baby’s routine will be disturbed and they’ll be falling asleep in an unfamiliar place.

Walkin’ on Sunshine is a nice choice for children who might get antsy being cooped up together over the holidays, especially if you are staying in a house with lots of other people, or in a hotel room. This bright blend will take the edge off for everyone and help to turn the mood around (and hopefully quell any bickering). 

No More Trouble in Paradise

Headed somewhere warm? Don’t forget to pack your sprays: Take a Hike and After Sunny, to be exact. These summer essentials are just as helpful in Mexico or whichever warm destination you’ll be enjoying with your little one as they are during summers at home, and are totally safe to use on pregnant women and babies!

Bon voyage!
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Posted by on 9/27/2016 to News