Trouble Shooting DIY Projects: Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a favourite amongst crafters and the DIY crowd, because they are relatively easy and inexpensive to make, and they make great, compact gifts! However, they can also take a bit of practice. Results can vary from one batch to the next, due to a number of factors — for instance, variations in temperature or humidity.

For a simple DIY Bath Bomb recipe, check out this blog post from our friends at The Apothecary in Inglewood

Here’s a tip from our Bath Bomb Maker Extraordinaire, Christine: mix the water with 99% alcohol, because the alcohol doesn’t activate the bath bomb the way water can. You’ll want to add a 60:40 alcohol:water mixture, and add it very slowly. You can even spritz the powder mixture with the water/alcohol mix until it reaches the right consistency.

If you have made a batch of bath bombs and run into problems, it will likely be one of these:

They exploded in the molds! This means that you added too much water to the mixture. Next time, add the water more slowly and pay attention to the state of the mixture as you go. When it feels cold, and as soon as it stays together when you squeeze it, that means you have added enough water.

They never dried. Your climate may just be too humid. Letting them dry in a dehumidified space as well as storing them there will help.

They fell apart. This means that you didn’t add enough water. Again, pay attention to the state of the mixture as you add the water/alcohol solution. When it’s ready, you’ll be able to squeeze it in your hand and have it stick together in a ball.

They’re too soft. This means that you added too much water. They should still work, but next time, be more careful to stop adding the water a little sooner.

My bath bombs have warts or bumps. Again: too much water!

They’re not fizzing! This means you did not add enough citric acid to the recipe.

Above all, have fun playing around until you get it right. We assume that if you’re making bath bombs, it’s because you enjoy the process — so have a good time with it!


Posted by Lindsay on 7/23/2019