Avocado Oil (Refined)
Latin Name: Persea Americana   

Avocado Oil is obtained from cold pressing the seed of the avocado tree. It is an intensive, rich, restorative, softening oil. Indicated for eczema, psoriasis, and diaper rash. It is typically used as an additive to other base oils up to 30%. It is used for its softening and protective properties on the skin and promotes cell regeneration. It is excellent for mature, undernourished, dry, fragile skin with possible effects of sun damage. When used in massage blends it helps to increase hydration in the upper layers of the skin and improves elasticity. It has a high sterol (10%) content that has value for arthritic pain and possibly beneficial for post-menopausal skin prone to ageing. It uniquely contains more Vitamin D than eggs. It would be beneficial to include in preparations for dark skinned people living in low sun conditions. Mix into seaweed and clay powders to keep masks moist. The green unrefined Avocado Oil contains chlorophyll and is more therapeutically valuable. The refined has less odour that makes it more acceptable in cosmetic preparations.

Shelf Life: 9 months- 1 year. Refrigeration highly recommended

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