Basil CT methyl chavicol (organic)
Latin Name:Ocimum basilicum
Method:steam distilled
Description: The fresh, herbal sweetness of this Basil is an aroma that is quite delightful, and will certainly leave an lasting impression.

Sweet Basil essential oil is noted for its wide range of healing abilities. When added to skin care regime, it can assist in combating general dryness, eczema, persistent acne, and greyish complexions. It's an excellent essential oil for treating muscular aches & pains, deep muscle spasms, as well as rheumatism and arthritis. When working with the respiratory system, Sweet Basil has been known to ease asthma, bronchitis, coughs, and even some lung infections. It's also been said to assist one in restoring their sense of smell.

The psychological benefits of Basil are plentiful as well. It is generally used to reduce anxiety, mental fatigue, mental blocks, stress, emotional shock, paranoia, moments of panic, and insomnia brought on by nervous tension & stress. It boosts clear thinking, has shown to strengthen memory, and is said to enhance the creative process..

Energetically, many reach for this oil when they are at crossroads in life, are faced with spiritual collapse, or wish to awaken long-forgotten wishes and desires. It is said to inspire enthusiasm, as well as prevent major clashes due to its ability to create sympathy between two people. It is believe to bring prosperity, harmony, and attract an increase in financial wealth.

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy. Avoid use on sensitive skin where possible. Excessive dosages may induce a stupefying effect, lower concentrations are recommended.
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