Beeswax Pellets

Beeswax is a natural wax product by honey bees. The worker bees have eight wax-producing glands that secrete scales of wax that are nearly white in the beginning, taking on a more yellow or brown hue with the eventual incorporation of pollen and propolis. Naturally fragrant beeswax burns cleaner and longer than petroleum-based waxes.

Beeswax Beads are great for using to make candles as well as lip balms. There's no smoking since there is no petroleum burning in the candles. Made from 100% pure refined beeswax, this slow burning wax can be used pure.

Non-GMO Project Standard- From our supplier: Our Beeswax is produced in compliance with the Non-GMO Project Standard—that means ongoing testing of all major GMO risk ingredients, facility inspections, and an annual audit to ensure we’re meeting the highest possible standards for GMO avoidance

146°F melting point.

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