Bergamot FCF (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus bergamia
Method:cold pressed
Description: This cheerful and happy essence is often considered by aromatherapists (and every day users) one of the 'top 10' essential oils to own. Commonly found in Earl Grey tea, this beautifully tangy (and lightly tart) citrus oil is well known for its powerful stress busting properties, as well as its ability to help induce feelings of a calm happiness while dissolving feelings of anxiety and/or sadness.

Bergamot has also shown to be incredibly useful for treating common skin complaints (such as acne and eczema), curbing digestive issues, and helping the immune system to fight off colds, flu, as well as some types of infections and parasites.

Energetically, this essential oil is believed to bring about positive energy, provide insight into difficult situations, and is useful when working with the heart Chakra.

Contraindications: Phototoxic. Avoid exposure to strong UV rays for 12 to 24 hours after application. May be a skin irritant in excess dosages.
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