Magnesium Oil - 3.95 L Unscented Refill

Apply magnesium exactly where you need it, with this body spray formulated to facilitate its absorption through the skin.

Magnesium is known to be a powerful addition to your skincare routine — it may improve your skin's overall appearance, lower cortisol levels and improve cellular processes. It may also function as a calming agent for skin issues such as rosacea and eczema. Here, we have suspended magnesium chloride in water to create a solution that allows you to spray it on wherever you need the benefits.

A magnesium oil is best incorporated into your skincare routine after cleansing and exfoliating. Simply give your skin a few spritzes in the evening before applying a moisturizing lotion or cream — you'll be amazed at the results! 

Product Info

    3.95L/4.9 kg refill jug

  • Add a 38 mm pump ($2.50) to your jug for easy dispensing
  • Item #: 154
  • UPC: 876565001543
  • MSRP Bulk: $6 - $7 per 100 mL / 124 g

Blending Directions

1. Tare bottle and fill with magnesium oil

2. Add 0.5% - 3% emulsified blend of choice

3. Cap & shake the bottle to mix

Note: It is natural for the pump to become clogged due to the magnesium. If this happens, rinse nozzle under warm water.


(organic / non-organic)
Aqua, Magnesium chloride, Glycerine

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