Cedarwood, Texas (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Juniperus mexicana
Method:steam distilled

This “Cedarwood” oil is not technically in the Cedarwood family, instead belonging to the Juniper family (see the latin name). It is a wild-grown plant which means it cultivated itself naturally! The high percentage of certain sesquiterpenes and alcohols indicate a distinct similarity to Atlas Cedarwood.

The initial odour impressions remind us of being in a sauna: it has very dry, heavy and smoky notes. We sniff it and are instantly a touch more relaxed and laid back. Its principal usage indications are for perfuming, for emotional trauma and rebalancing our nervous system in stressful situations. Ideal for people struggling with anxiety or irritability, it helps cut out mental chatter and ground excess energy.

This oil would be excellent for use in a meditation practice, or before/after yoga. Gentle diffusion after a hard day at work would help with relaxation and decompression.

Contraindications: Not advisable neat on the skin, or for long term use for conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Avoid its use in early pregnancy. Do not confuse with Cedar LEAF oil which is entirely different and much more dangerous. Keep all essential oils well away from children and especially away from the eyes

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