Cistus (non cert organic)
Latin Name:Cistus ladaniferus
Method:steam distilled
Status:non-certified organic
Description: Cistus is a small, sticky shrub native to the Mediterranean and Middle East. The essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the leaves. It is pale yellow-orange with a strong, sweet, dry-herbaceous aroma. Its odor effect is generally perceived as warming and restorative.

Cistus essential oil is used in many skin care blends. Blend with German Chamomile to treat chronic slow healing skin disorders like psoriasis, lymphatic drainage, eczema, infected and inflamed skin conditions of all sorts. Blend with Green Myrtle, Rosehip Seed and Hazelnut oils for care for aging skin as described by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in Advanced Aromatherapy.
Excellent for mature skin care for firming and toning.

If you are a perfumer looking for Labdanum (Cistus Absolute), look no further! 
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