Clove Bud (organic)
Latin Name:Eugenia caryophyllus
Method:steam distilled
Clove Essential Oil has the highest anti-oxidant capability of any essential oil, perhaps one of the highest known for a food or supplement (read cautions before ingesting) - it has been included in some 'longevity' formulas for this reason.

Clove is a medium sized evergreen tree native to Indonesia. Clove buds are a widely used spice and flavor ingredient. Our Clove Bud essential oil is made from the immature buds and is the safest type of clove oil, but still should be use with caution (use in low dilution of 1% or less). The oil is a yellow liquid and has a spicy, warm, sweet aroma with a fresh top note.

Clove essential oil is strongly antimicrobial, antiseptic, hemostatic and anti-inflammatory. It has also been found that a 0.05% solution of eugenol (clove oil's primary component) was sufficient to kill the tuberculosis bacillus.

Clove is also commonly used for numbing tooth pain, and may be effective in speeding the healing of mouth and gum sores. It is included in blends for joint pain, for its analgesic and warming properties. Clove oil can also be used to assist breaking of tobacco addiction by placing a drop on the tongue with one's finger.
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