Everyday Essentials: Spearmint + Bergamot

Infuse your home with luxury fragrance. These everyday essentials will indulge the senses — no bathtub required! Handcrafted at our workshop in Calgary, this box includes a selection of some of our best-selling products: all are sustainably made with ethically sourced, natural ingredients so you can do better for yourself (and Mother Earth).

Like gazing into a pool of still mountain water, Spearmint + Bergamot will connect you with your innermost desires. Find your flow and inspire creativity with this tranquil blend of bergamot and mint that evoke the element of water.

What's Included
  • A portable, fragrant Spearmint + Bergamot Room Mist
  • Aromatic Spearmint + Bergamot Shower Steamers
  • Nourishing, skin-hydrating Spearmint + Bergamot Body Lotion
Additional Info
  • Item #: 364
  • UPC: 876565003646
  • Box Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 3.5"
  • MSRP: $65 - $69
Availability: In Stock.
Part Number: 364

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