Fennel Seed (Sweet, organic)
Latin Name:Foeniculum vulgare
Method:steam distilled
Fennel has a fresh, sweet and deep aroma that smells much like traditional licorice. Now, while not everyone may be a fan of its fragrance, there is no denying its therapeutic qualities and uses.

Most people are quite familiar with the digestive benefits that Fennel contains, which include easing constipation, combating anorexia, subduing hiccups, and reducing flatulence. However, some of its less common uses (digestive and otherwise) are not as well known. Fennel has also been used to prevent gum disease, ward off intestinal parasites, reduce bruising, as well as treat asthma & asthmatic bronchitis, whooping cough, neuromuscular spasms, paralysis, lumbago, colds & flu, and can help ease many menstrual and menopausal complaints.

Fennel happens to be a great stress buster, and will help dissolve nervous tension. From a spiritual aspect, Fennel is thought to bring protection to the aura, as well as ward off negative energy, psychic attacks, and harm that could be done by someone's negative words, thoughts and deeds. This oil may be used to heal feelings of victimization and fear of new ideas, while promoting feelings of courage, strength, and truthful self-expression. There is a belief that fennel will enable us to identify the root causes of self-rejection, allowing us to embrace who we are at our centers.

Contraindications: Avoid during pregnancy, or if epileptic. Not recommended for use if suffering from estrogen based cancers.
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