Latin Name:Agonis fragrans
Method:steam distilled
Description: Peta and John Day of the Paperbark Company have trademarked the common name Fragonia as they are the first and only growers and distillers of this unique oil.
There has been extensive research since 2000 on Fragonia by botanists, aromatherapists, practitioners, manufacturers, the University of West Australia, and Dr. Daniel Penoel. Fragonia seems to be an oil that brings harmony to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body and psyche. Fragonia is unique because of the presence of equal amounts of the oxide 1,8 cineol, hydrocarbons pinene and limonene and alcohols (linalool, terpinen-4-ol etc). It is a versatile, balanced oil and has an extremely pleasant fragrance. It is safe for babies and children.
Fragonia is antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, ant-infectious, and anti-inflammatory. It has good expectorant properties in congestion through the nose to the lungs and is effective for joint and muscle pain. Dr. Penoel suggests a couple of drops applied daily to the groin area, under the armpits, and on the side of the neck, where the lymphatic nodes are located to enhance and stimulate the immune system. His wife Rosemarie had a startling result when using Fragonia during a bout of illness from exhaustion and cold. Her impression was as though she had reconnected her body, soul, and spirit.
The most interesting aspect of Fragonia is its ability to work at a deep level, releasing physical and emotional blockages. It can help with letting go of negativity that has accumulated over many years. Many people have reported the experience of heart opening effects when using the oil on the chakra areas for a week. The most dramatic results were experienced in the upper chakra areas. This can help with exploring unresolved core issues and can transform troubled family relationships. There seems to be increased self awareness and insight, with activation of memory of past events and an ability to resolve old issues. Robbi Zeck, the author of The Blossoming Heart and developer of the concept Aromatic Kinesiology has written a beautiful reflection on the energetic aspects of Fragonia .
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