Ginger (organic)
Latin Name:Zingiber officinale
Method:steam distilled
Ginger has a thick, warm and spiced scent, with a sweet, refreshing note tucked away just underneath. While the scent itself can be somewhat of an 'acquired taste' for some, the benefits this oil yields make it incredibly valuable to any essential oil enthusiast.

For years Ginger has been used as a digestive aid, and these benefits travel well into the essential oil it produces. Depending on the method in which it's applied, Ginger Root will help to reduce flatulence, travel sickness and nausea, prevent vomiting, treat cramps, constipation and indigestion, increase appetite, and even reduce the effects of a hangover. This essential oil has also been known to treat bruises & sores, toothaches, chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, arthritis, muscle fatigue, pains & strains, neuralgia, and can help to increase the bodies overall circulation.

Ginger Root also has quite the collection of psychological and energetic benefits as well. On the mental level, Ginger is ideal for easing nervous exhaustion, feelings of 'burnout' (serves as a stimulant), and can help boost our memory in some cases. Taking a more spiritual approach though, this essential oil has been noted to be ideal for grounding, bringing about protection, prosperity, courage, confidence, abundance and love. It is said that it can allow us to see our 'shadow selves' and enabling us to befriend out inner child, which in turn allows for major shifts, transformations and healing.

Contraindications: Heavier dilution is recommended, as it may irritate skin in high concentrations. Mildly phototoxic.
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