Grapefruit, Pink (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus paradisii
Method:cold pressed
Smelling Grapefruit essential oil is very much like cutting into a fresh grapefruit! It's deliciously light, tangy and sweet scent is wonderfully inviting. In fact, we have yet to meet anyone who dislikes the smell of this essential oil!

Grapefruit is commonly found in all sorts of cosmetic products. This can be contributed to both its scent, and its ability to combat oiliness, acne & congested skin while toning and firming the skin. It is also well known for reducing cellulite and easing water retention. Outside of it's cosmetic uses, Grapefruit may also be used to disinfect the air, reduce muscle fatigue and stiffness, stimulate the lymphatic system, boost the body's natural detoxification systems, and can even regulate digestion and body weight.

This oil has a profoundly uplifting effect on the mind, making it effective for easing depression, nervous exhaustion and jet leg, as well as reducing stress, PMS, and symptoms associated with alcohol and/or drug withdrawal.

Grapefruit carries a calm and cheerful energy with it. It's a wonderful oil for quieting mental chatter, dissolving emotional energy blockages (particularly frustration and self-blame), and helps to ensure our own ego doesn't get in our way. It has been used to promote confidence, increase intuition & mental clarity, is said to bring about inspiration, and can allow for optimal 'digestion' of new concepts/ideas. Being a purifier, it is excellent for cleaning and removing negativity.

Contraindications: Phototoxic. Low to medium concentrations recommended. Not advisable to use on those experiencing skin cancer.
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