Lavandin (organic)
Latin Name:Lavandula hybrida
Method:steam distilled
Description: Lavandin, while similar to Lavender in fragrance, tends to be sharper, more rounded, and a touch sweeter. It is a hybrid of Lavender and Spike Lavender that as created in the 1920's, and has since made its own mark within the Lavendula family.

Its antifungal and antiseptic properties make this essential oil quite effective against infectious skin diseases, athlete's foot, wounds, ulcers, and warts. Lavandin has also shown to be useful in treating bronchitis, rheumatism, cramps, joint & muscular pain, acne, enteritis, and cold & flu symptoms.

This oil is an excellent choice for those needing a clear headspace, or just need to relax mentally. Lavandin may prove useful for those dealing with chronic migraines, and is thought to be helpful for those suffering from deeply embedded anguish. It is commonly used in cases of anxiety, nervousness, fear, insomnia, and is a stimulant unlike its Lavender parent.

On an energetic note, it is believed that Lavandin is an energetic purifier and clearer, as well as a psychic protectant. It may also allow an individual to put sexual appetites into their appropriate perspectives.

Contraindications: Avoid during the first trimester of pregnancy. Unlike Lavender, this essential oil is not recommended for neat (undiluted) use on the skin.
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