Lime (Steam Distilled, organic)
Latin Name:Citrus aurantifolia
Method:steam distilled
Description: This lime has a (pleasantly) intense citrus scent, that's bursting with freshness and zest that is irresistible for many. With the perfect balance of "sour and sweet", it's hard not to want this oil in your collection.

Despite its popularity, many are still unfamiliar with the many benefits that Lime essential oil carries. In skincare, Lime may be used to combat acne, greasy skin, spots, and cellulite. More advance skincare uses include addressing anemia, brittle nails, warts, varicose veins, corns and boils.

On "physical ailment" level, Lime has been shown to be useful in treating insect bites, cough & congestion, flu, fever, minor spasms, muscular inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation, (mildly) high blood pressure, some viral infections, stomach aches, flatulence, and excess weight concerns.

Psychologically, Lime is noted to benefit those dealing with feelings of apathy, anxiety & general nervousness, depression, listlessness, mental exhaustion and many stress related concerns. It often called "happiness in a bottle", and is an excellent refresher and mental stimulant. Additionally, it may be useful for those dealing with (and breaking away from) alcoholism.

Energetically this oil is not quite as versatile, but still quite useful. It is said to soothe traumatic memories and emotions held in both our etheric and physical selves. It is an excellent purifier for both individuals and rooms, and is thought to provide psychic protection.

Contraindications: Avoid use of Lime essential oils on sensitive or damaged skin. Lime is a diuretic, and quite "drying". If using regularly, or in higher doses, be sure to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Steam distilled Lime is considered non-phototoxic, whereas cold pressed Lime is highly phototoxic. Do be mindful of UV exposure if using cold pressed lime on the skin.

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