Mimosa Absolute
Latin Name:Acacia decurrens
Method:solvent extracted
Description: Mimosa (Acacia decurrens) is a perennial tree shrub native to Australia that is now grown in several countries around the world. The tree is pervasive and takes root in disturbed areas, considered by some to be a noxious weed. It has beautiful clusters of golden flowers that are fluffy and cottony in appearance, and it is from those little blossoms (and some twigs) that we get the absolute. The bark of the tree (Wattle Bark) is used specifically by the tanning industry, because of its high levels of tannins.

Mimosa Absolute is used in perfumes as a fruity-floral fixative. A lovely addition to high-class floral perfumes or “fruity” accords, it is tenacious and heady in odor and so makes an excellent addition to soap-making and body care products. Mimosa also happens to be an incredible fixative, so adding it in very low percentages to a blend can extend the life of a perfume and strengthen the blend overall.

The odor of Mimosa is thought to help open our hearts to emotions, dispel nervous tension and grow feelings of joy.

Mimosa blends beautifully with Jasmine Sambac, Bergamot, a touch of Galbanum and Green Mandarin. 

Contraindications: Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-sensitizing. Highly odiforous, use in minute quantities.

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