Oakmoss Absolute (organic)
Latin Name:Evernia Prunastri
Method:solvent extracted
Description: Oakmoss is a solvent-extracted absolute that has its “roots” in natural perfuming. One of nature’s most tenacious fixatives, it is used to extend the life of perfume on the skin and add depth to forest perfumes. Oakmoss, also known as Evernia prunastri, is a species of lichen, a fungus found in forests all around the Northern Hemisphere. As its name suggests, oakmoss grows commonly on the branches and trunks of oak trees, although it is found on other deciduous trees and conifers. This lichen is very short, flat and has a strap-like thallus that somewhat resembles the shape of deer antlers. Oakmoss varies in color, being minty green or almost white when dry, or dark-olive green and even yellowish when wet.

Initial impressions upon smelling this absolute we are reminded of a dark, leathery, wet forest floor with deep anise-like notes coming out on top. There are other slight woody notes resulting in a rich mossy forest smell.

Indications (most valuable uses): Oakmoss Absolute is an invaluable addition to the natural perfumer's palette,especially in chypre and Fougère types of perfumes as a fixative or a base note. It has also been used ritually for spiritual depth. It is rarely used in aromatherapy.

Contraindications: Oakmoss has been known as a serious dermal and olfactory sensitizer that should be used with caution in order to prevent adverse dermatological reactions. The safe percentage of Evernia prunastri to be used in a finished product is 0.5% or less

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