Patchouli, Light
Latin Name:Pogostemom cablin
Method:steam distilled
Description: While generally distilled in iron vessels (which contributes slightly to a darker colour), "Light" patchouli is distilled in stainless steel, thereby producing an oil that is a little lighter in colour and with a slightly smoother and lighter scent profile.

Patchouli is highly beneficial to the skin due to its powerful cell regenerative properties, and is (unsurprisingly) found in many natural skincare & body products. It is most commonly used for dermatitis, psoriasis, athlete's foot, acne, scars, dry & cracking skin, wrinkles, impetigo, varicose veins, dandruff, and oily hair/scalp conditions. It is also noted for being effecting in addressing wounds, abscesses, bed sores, hemorrhoids (external), impotence, fidgety, and menopausal sweats.

Because it slows rapid breathing, this oil is often used to assist in inducing deep meditative states, combat anxiety, mild insomnia, and general stress issues & concerns. Though sedating in low dosages, it is stimulating in higher amounts, and may be used to sharpen and clear one's mind.

Patchouli is common among energy workers, and can be found in blends promoting protection, prosperity, creativity, and centering. It is often used to ground ourselves while drawing energy from the earth, and is useful in relaxing one's over-active intellect. It is said to help us define ourselves, allowing us to express it to the world in a healthy manner. Patchouli may also assist individuals in appreciating the sacredness of life.

Contraindications: Use caution around those with allergies to spicy foods, or those with scent sensitivities. Though risk is minimal, overuse may result in insomnia and loss of appetite. 

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