Ravintsara (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Cinnamomum camphora
Method:steam distilled
Description: The scent of Ravintsara is similar to that of a fresh Eucalyptus or Camphor, but is considerably sweeter and gentler. It also happens to be one of our favorite essential oils, especially when cold & flu symptoms are on the rise!

When the aroma of Ravintsara is inhaled, it's quite clear that it benefits the respiratory and immune systems. Commonly, this essential oil is used for asthma, bronchitis, persistent coughs, laryngitis, respiratory tract congestion, cold & flu, and assists in countering many bacterial or viral infections. Ravintsara may also be used to for wound care, infections, shingles, herpes (lip and genital), lymphatic drainage, and general body detoxification.

On the psychological side of things, Ravintsara may be used to combat anxiety, illness brought on by stress, insomnia, nervous fatigue, and depression. It is said to be able to assist individuals in realizing their potential, increase the desire for change, and may help to reduce anguish and fear.

Contraindications: Considered safe during pregnancy, and suitable for small children when diffused in minute doses. Generally considered safe.

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