Sage 1,8 Cineol (organic)
Latin Name:Salvia lavandulifolia
Method:steam distilled
Description: This particular Sage has a clean, fresh, invigorating and semi-medicinal scent with a leafy top note.

When used in skincare, Sage may be useful in combating skin inflammation, oiliness, and cold sores. It is noted for promoting hair growth, soothing psoriasis, assisting in the formation of scar tissue, and helps to regulate excessive perspiration. As an immune and respiratory system supporter, it may be used to address cough, acute/chronic bronchitis, asthma, colds, flu, sinusitis, bacterial infections, and general immune stimulation. Additionally, it may be used to ease symptoms of fibromyalgia & rheumatoid arthritis, reduce muscle pain & stiff neck, and to regulate or induce menstruation.

Psychologically, Sage is used to ease depression, grief, and mental strain & exhaustion. On the energetic side of things, this oil enables one to 'surrender to Spirit', is associated with wisdom, and is very commonly used to clear negative and stagnant energy from a room. It is often found in purification rituals, 'cleansing' blends, and is thought to connect us to our Ancestral memories.

Contraindications: Though considered safe after the 1st trimester, there are many who still suggest avoiding Sage during pregnancy (and breastfeeding) entirely. Those with epilepsy or high blood pressure should also avoid this essential oil. Short term usage periods are recommended.

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