Sea Buckthorn CO2 Oil
Latin Name:Hippophae rhamnoides
Status:CO2 extraction

Sea Buckthorn Berry contains high levels of linolenic acids and Vitamins A and E, making it restorative and smoothing to the skin. Rich in beta-carotene, it has a deep orange colour which it lends to creams or lotions. Effective as an additive to anti-wrinkle formulas. These highly concentrated extracts are different in nature from the CO2 extracted essential oils found in the Essential Oil section. They are extremely effective in healing and regenerative skin care. They can be added in very small dilutions to skin care cremes, oils, healing balms and ointments. Consider them superchargers to your skin care. They are generally added to a base oil or creme at a percentage of 0.5 - 1%.

Shelf Life: 6 months - 1 year. Refrigeration recommended.

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