Spikenard (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Nardostachys jatamansi
Method:steam distilled
Description: Spikenard has been known and documented as one of earliest aromatic plants practiced for use in medicine, perfumery and religious practices. It has been referenced through many cultures and religions throughout the course of history. Prominent in an ancient Indian herbal tradition, Ayurveda (pronounced: ai.er.veida), Spikenard is used as an ailment to treat many symptoms. In the Bible, it is referenced that Spikenard was used by Mary Magdalene to anoint the feet of Jesus.

Spikenard is a perennial herb consisting of wide green leaves and long stems that support pink bell shaped flowers. The essential oil is obtained through the roots and rhizomes of the plant and contains a slightly viscous consistency with a golden green hue. With an aroma of honey masked in a herbal, musk and peaty scent this oil is found to be deep, heavy, and hypnotic. Excellent as a fixative, Spikenard is a base note.

Spikenard has many properties that are beneficial to both the body and mind. When used in aromatherapy, the oil can be used to treat stress related conditions, tension, anxiety, insomnia, general aches, menstrual problems, and is found to be a calmative, sedative and anti-inflammatory. This oil is perfect in treating a stressed emotional mind and body. Use in a bath or as a massage, Spikenard will help release the tension built in the muscles and will ease anxiety from the mind due to its calmative and sedative properties.

Contradictions: It is recommended that Spikenard be used at a dilution of 0.5% - 1% to avoid any possible irritations. Even in small amounts, the benefits of Spikenard are prominent. Do not store Spikenard near homeopathic remedies or use in conjunction with them as the oil may act as an antidote
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