Tangerine (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus reticulata
Method:cold pressed
Description: Though it shares the same botanical name (and many properties) as Red Mandarin, it's fragrance is rather different. Unlike Mandarin, Tangerine lacks the 'earthy' tone, and is closer to Bergamot in scent.

Tangerine is used in skincare products to liven pale complexions, smooth stretch marks and scars, and combat acne while breaking down congestion in oily skin. It can be used to treat muscle spasms/cramps, tired/aching limbs, boost sluggish digestion, and soothe flatulence, constipation, cramps (both menstrual and digestive).

When addressing concerns of a psychological origin, this oil is useful in addressing insomnia, nervous tension, stress, grief, fear, and hysteria. It has a hypnotic effect, and helps to cheer and inspire an individual.

Tangerine is similar to Mandarin in its energetic values, though it is said that Tangerine will promote the natural innocence of a child, whereas Mandarin allows adults to connect with their inner child.

Contraindications: It is suggested (not proven) that both Tangerine and Mandarin are not phototoxic due to the lack of chemical that can trigger photosensitivity. 

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