Tobacco Absolute
Latin Name:Nicotiana tabacum
Method:solvent extracted
Description: Tobacco! We are sincerely proud and very excited to offer you this high-quality and rare perfuming tool from Bulgaria. In the store, we’ve had many requests for a leather & smoke or a leather and cigar smell, and finally we have something to offer you!

This semi-solid, viscous absolute smells delicious. We smell it and are transported to a basement humidor, or a sun-soaked field, or our grandfather’s expensive pipe tobacco. The odor profile is smoky-sweet, with hints of berry, earth, and grass. This is a note your richer perfumes can’t live without. A minute quantity of this absolute goes a LONG way, as it is odiferous and pervasive. We recommend purchasing pipettes along with this absolute as it is extremely viscous at room-temperature.

Pair it with Labdanum, Vetiver and a touch of Spikenard for that leathery-cigar perfume you desire.

**We hasten to mention that Absolutes are primarily perfumer’s tools, and we rarely (and very specifically) use them for Aromatherapy**

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