Geranium Rose (organic)
Latin Name:Pelargonium roseum
Method:steam distilled
This oil possesses a beautifully bold, thick, sweet and floral scent, with hints of Rose flowing throughout it. However, its enveloping fragrance is just one of the many perks this essential oils contains.

Geranium benefits the body on many different levels. It is commonly used by aromatherapists to treat athlete's foot, burns, bruises, eczema, tonsillitis, asthmas, rheumatism, neuralgia, as well as menstrual & menopausal complaints. It is often used in skin care, as it's thought to promote cellular regeneration, and is considered effective for post plastic surgery treatment. Parents will love this oil for its insect repelling qualities, and is also said to be effective in the prevention or removal of lice.

This essential oil has some profound effects on the mind as well. It's a wonderful choice for combating nervous tension and most stress related issues. Many find it able to enhance general concentration, dispel confusion, and dissolve panic or shock. It's a mild sedative, as well as an uplifting antidepressant, suitable for general, manic, or post-natal depression.

Geranium is also said to carry energetic vibrations that are wonderful for soothing broken hearts and diminishing conflicts. It's an excellent choice for promoting the natural harmony and happiness found in relationships, while balancing the emotions. Geranium is also though to bring strong, energetic protection, and can often be found in 'happiness' blends.

Contraindications: Avoid during 1st trimester of pregnancy.
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