Glass Amber Boston Bottles

Amber glass bottles hold all your carriers, blends, sprays, and more! Fantastic for mixing essential oils as the glass will keep them safe and sound for a long time.

Available in 6 sizes - LIDS SOLD SEPARATELY

  • 1, 2, 4, 8 oz: PRICES SHOWN ARE PER DOZEN

ADDING LIDS: Not sure which size lid to choose? No problem! You can add them right here when you choose your bottle size. 

  • Note: If you try to add a lid that does not match your bottle selection, you will see an error at the top of your screen "The options you selected are not currently available" - this means that you've selected a lid that will not match your bottle.

More Lid Info

Glass bottles have a different thread size than plastic. You will notice that these bottles all end with a -400 lid size, whereas our plastic ends in -410. This number applies to the thread depth on the bottle. While a -410 mister or pump will technically fit on a glass bottle, make sure you test your bottles for leaking as sometimes they don’t always seal. The 2 and 4 oz bottles we sell here generally fit with our 20-410 and 24-410 misters, however, you should test these as well just to make sure!

  • 1 oz, 2 oz = 20-400 lid
  • 4 oz, 8 oz = 24-400 lid
  • 16 oz, 32 oz = 28-400 lid

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