The Mind Essentials Kit
Being Mindful...

Inside you’ll find five vials (3 ml each) of our best selling synergies designed for your mind, spirit and emotions, along with a handy quick use guide. Helpful for times of stress, study, when you need a boost of confidence, or are ready to meditate!

  • BALANCE: Helps calm the brain and relieve stress in order to center deep into our core. It further helps to open up our crown and third eye chakra.
  • BRAIN BOOST: Use this energizing & mentally focusing blend to wake you up & keep you keen throughout the day.
  • SOLACE (10%):  When you're bravely fighting tears or when you need an extra push of strength or a pat on the back.
  • WALKIN’ ON SUNSHINE: On the days where smiles are a bit harder to manifest, this blend of juicy citrus and vanilla-like Benzoin can help the laughter flow contagiously!
  • WALLFLOWER: For those who need an extra boost of confidence when engaging with others. 
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