Cistus Absolute / Labdanum (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Cistus ladaniferus
Status:wild grown
Description: Cistus is a small, sticky shrub native to the Mediterranean and Middle East. Labdanum, (also known as Cistus Absolute or the Rose of Sharon) is a botanical deeply rooted in the history of natural perfuming! One of the oldest known fixatives, this delicious absolute is mentioned in the Bible!

Our Labdanum comes to us from France, and is wild-cultivated. We’ve found that the smell of Labdanum affects us similarly to Benzoin & Vetiver; relaxing our nervous systems and grounding excess energies. It can extend the life when added to any perfume while adding a deep, soft richness. Velvety and mysterious, reminiscent of vanilla and wood, Labdanum is essential to any perfumer’s toolkit. We’ve found this absolute easier to work with than other Labdanums we’ve worked with in the past, more pourable at room temperature, but still requiring a pipette to extract from the bottle.

Primarily, Labdanum is used only in natural perfuming, while an essential oil of Cistus is used in Aromatherapy. These two are different, with different extraction methods and therefore different indications and applications.

Contraindications: Do not confuse with Cistus Essential Oil. For Cistus essential oil, click here.

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