Cedarwood, Atlas (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Cedrus atlantica
Method:steam distilled
While there are a few types of Cedarwood available, Cedarwood Atlas is one that seems to be used on a more regular basis. This particular Cedarwood has a lovely sweet, clean scent, with a hint of sap and earth that many find rather enjoyable.

Besides smelling great, this oil is also in possession of some wonderful properties! When used correctly, this essential oil will combat acne & dandruff, regulate oily skin, and calm the effects of dermatitis, all while softening the skin. It's been shown to ease bronchitis, coughing and chronic congestion, boost the immune and circulatory systems, as well as treat some types of infections. When desired, it may be used for its aphrodisiac qualities, and it has been known to aid in repelling insects during the summer months.

Stepping away from the 'physical benefits' it provides, Cedarwood Atlas is a beautifully calming oil. It is often considered for meditative use, and is great for releasing fear, anger, and feelings of anxiousness. It is said to promote balance and greater influence over things we can't control. This oil is also wonderful for not only clearing out negative energy from a space, but as well as clearing out mental clutter, which in turn allows us to focus on the things we see as important.

Contraindications: Avoid during pregnancy. May be irritating to the skin in high dosages.

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