Tea Tree (organic)
Latin Name:Melaleuca alternifolia
Method:steam distilled
Description: Another of champion ranking in the "top ten", Tea Tree oil can be found in just about every home. It's scent is often described as "medicinal", though we prefer to describe it as clean, clearing and fresh with a slight smoky note.

Like Niaouli, the uses of Tea Tree do not stray far from its key properties. It's antifungal, parasiticide, bactericidal and strong antiseptic properties make this essential oil ideal for (when used correctly) things such as acne, abscesses, athlete's foot, oily skin, warts, ringworm, infected wounds, cold sores, ear/nose/throat infections, staph/strep infections, shingles, and many viral/fungal infections. Topically (and properly diluted), it may assist with rashes, spots, sweaty feet, stings and dandruff as well.

Tea Tree is considered one of the top immune system stimulants as well. It is commonly reached for when addressing bronchitis, emphysema, cough, sinusitis, TB, tonsillitis, whooping cough, and general cold, flu, and fever complaints.

This essential oil is useful when treating shock, general or nervous exhaustion, nervous depression, and is stimulating to the mind. Energetically, it is said to expand all chakras, aligning them with the crown, which allows for the establishment of new beliefs. It brings about a sense of connection to pure life energy, and can be used to promote protection and confidence.

Contraindications: May irritate sensitive skin. May induce sweating in high dosages. Sensitization may occur with regular undiluted use, dilution recommended for frequent application. Considered toxic to most pets.

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