Ylang Ylang Complete (wildcrafted)
Latin Name:Cananga odorata
Method:steam distilled
Description: Ylang Ylang Extra ("extra" being the optimal distillation for true aromatherapy) has a deep, floral and honey like note that is known to permeate through any blend that it's added to. Because of its "aromatic intensity", we do suggest using hints of Ylang Ylang in your blend, rather than making it the dominate essential oil.

Often found in natural cosmetics, Ylang Ylang is beneficial to those dealing with acne, dry/oily/combination skin, as well as skin irritations. It is noted for soothing insect bites, being able to balance sebum production, is an excellent skin/hair tonic, and is used to promote hair growth.

This essential oil may also be used for slowing rapid breathing, regulating palpitations, reducing frigidity & PMS, combat impotence, and could serve as a uterine tonic and breast firmer.

Some of Ylang Ylang's strongest impacts are mentally and energetically. For the mind, this oil may be used as an aphrodisiac, antidepressant, sedative for insomnia, and a potent stress reducer. It's known to greatly dull sharp emotions, particularly fear, rage, anger, hysteria, irritability, shock, panic, and 'inner-coldness'. It may also assist with low self-esteem.

Energetically, Ylang Ylang is said to "give" love & peace, while promoting sensuality and enthusiasm. It is used to unite an individual's emotional and sexual natures, and is often used to protect a tender heart. This essential oil is commonly found in blends that promote love, peace, and sexuality.

Contraindications: Generally considered safe, though those with scent sensitives may wish to avoid this essential oil. May induce nausea or headaches in excess amounts. Some suggest that it may lower blood pressure.

A note from our supplier about the non sprayed status: There is no need to spray the Ylang Ylang fields in Madagascar as it grows indigenously and therefore does not get any strange fungus or pests that kill the plants. If the oil is not organically certificated, it is 100% non-sprayed, but we cannot certify the area from where the plant is collected because it is too vast or too far out etc. but mostly the biggest reason is that the costs to certify a massive area are too high.
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