Spotlight On: Mandarin

Childlike, calming and joyful, mandarin essential oil has a special place in our hearts!

Because it is one of the very safest essential oils for babies and also because of its wonderful stretch mark-reducing powers, mandarin is especially useful for mothers. However, it boasts a ton of other benefits and of course it also generally smells divine. Here are the reasons that mothers and the general population as well should include mandarin essential oil in their regular collection:

Mandarin: A Friend to Moms

Mandarin is a wonderful, calming oil to diffuse around babies and children. As it promotes joyfulness and positive attitude, and helps to calm nervousness and tension, it can be very helpful in a home full of children (or a classroom!). Along with Roman chamomile, tea tree and lavender, mandarin is one of the safest oils to diffuse, or use topically when properly diluted, with babies right from birth.

Mandarin is helpful for skin conditions in general, and this includes addressing stretch marks. As a gentle immune stimulant and also an antidote for indigestion, mandarin really is a great friend to any mom.

Your Inner Child Will Love It!

The earthy, citrus scent of mandarin is one that is enticing and uplifting to all. Its unique ability is supposedly to help you become more in sync with new routines and habits, and allow acceptance of changes. Add to that its helpfulness in calming nervousness, tension and stress; combatting insomnia; promoting joy and happiness and enhancing communication, and it’s easy to see why you might want to diffuse mandarin on a regular basis.

One of its most often noted benefits is that it brings out the inner child in adults, prompting a “live in the moment” attitude and boosting the removal of stagnant ideas.

Mandarin’s skin-friendly benefits really shine in our Skin Tight Stretch Mark Oil, Skin Tight Belly Butter and Sole Delight Foot Butter!

Posted by Lindsay on 3/15/2018