Lemon (organic)
Latin Name:Citrus limonum
Method:cold pressed
Description: Considered one of the "Top Ten" oils to have in any essential oil collection, Lemon is (in some instances) nearly as versatile as Lavender. It has a zestful, sweet & fresh citrus note with a hint of tartness that many are familiar with. Simply smelling this oil will often trigger a smile, and words such as "cheerful", "joyful", and "bright" often come to mind as you breathe in its invigorating scent.

This essential oil is well known for its ability to combat both oily and dry skin, acne, and is often found in anti-aging and brightening skin serums. When diffused or inhaled, it is a wonderful treat for those suffering from asthma, sore throats, bronchitis, sinus infections, and virtually all respiratory infections. It has been noted for its ability to gently soothe gout, rheumatism, and arthritis, and is an excellent choice for increasing circulation. It is suggested that it may assist in lowering blood pressure, and is considered beneficial for those struggling with weight management.

The psychological effects of Lemon are potent, and are often said to be felt almost instantaneously. Considered to be one of the stronger antidepressants, this essential oil is wonderful when used in blends to address anxiety, anger, confusion, and general feelings of being "rundown". It serves as a gentle but powerful mental stimulant, and is often used to boost concentration and memory. Use a hint of Lemon in sleep blends to help reduce the intensity and occurrences of frequent nightmares.

Given its sunlight-like nature, Lemon is often used to promote joy (both inner & external), cheerfulness, optimism, and can bring clarity and objectivity to light. It's an excellent cleanser and clearer on the energetic levels, and assists in softening fears of emotional involvement. It promotes energy flow by removing negative blockages, and revitalizes the stagnant energy within us. It is often worn during full moons to attune with its energy, and can frequently be found in purification and energetic healing blends.

Contraindications: Phototoxic. Skin irritant if used undiluted. Avoid use if allergy to lemons exists.
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