Spotlight On: Activated Charcoal

The Super-Absorbent Purifier

Activated charcoal powder

Activated charcoal -- carbon/charcoal that has been heated in a way that forms many small pores within it -- is popping up all over the place. You can find it in toothpaste, deodorant, soaps, detoxifying face masks and even lemonade. But it's nothing new!It's the substance used in emergency rooms to trap and then expel substances after alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses. In these situations, activated charcoal traps the toxins by absorbing them before the bloodstream can. The toxins are then taken out of the body along with the activated charcoal.

As it turns out, this midnight-black powder is also effective in removing toxins from your skin, and even whitening teeth! 

This Stuff Really Sucks

It all works on the same mechanism: because activated charcoal is so incredibly absorbent, it is able to pull out toxins, oil, sebum and even heavy metals from pores or the surface of the skin. Think of it as a magnet that attracts dirt and oil -- and when you rinse it away, all that gunk goes with it!

But remember: a little bit goes a long way! Activated charcoal can hold up to 1,000 times its own mass in harmful substances. Using too much, or using it too often, could potentially irritate skin.

Highlights of Activated Charcoal's Abilities:

  • balances oily skin
  • whitens teeth
  • pulls impurities and heavy metals from the skin
  • helps combat acne by fighting acne-causing bacteria, reducing inflammation and clearing the pores

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Posted by Lindsay on 4/25/2018